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ASCAT Governance Structure


The members of the All Saints Catholic Academy Trust are appointed by the the Diocese of Westminster and ensure that ASCAT adheres to their founding principles.

  • Archbishop of Westminster
  • Auxiliary Bishop (Education)
  • RCDOW Chief Finance Officer
  • RCDOW Director of Education
  • RCDOW Trustee

Trust Board:

There are 8 Foundation Trustees who were appointed by the RCDOW following application to ensure the correct balance and mix of necessary skills are represented on the Trust Board. 

  • Mr A Leahy – Chair of Trust Board
  • Mr C Gomes
  • Mrs L Sharp
  • Mr T Hickin
  • Mrs V Lopez-Smith
  • Mr P Taylor
  • Mr L O'Connor 
  • Mrs J Cosgrove

The CEO is an ex-officio member of the Trust Board

Please click here to see the full membership and attendance information for the Trust Board and our register of Business and Pecuniary Business Interest along with Related Parties is available here.

Trust Committees:

  • Audit & Risk
  • Education & Behaviour
  • Finance & Resources
  • Leadership & Governance 

Core Executive Team:

  • Catholic Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Director of Resources 
  • Director of Governance & Compliance
  • Director of People & Culture

ASCAT Central Team:

  • HR/Payroll Function
  • Governance Function
  • Finance Function
  • Resources Function
  • Admin support
  • Clerk to Trust Board

The CEO is accountable to the board for the performance of the Trust as a whole, the CEO reports to the board on the performance of the trust including on the performance of the trust’s schools, although this may be supplemented by monitoring reports from the LGBs.

The CEO is performance managed by the trust board and will lead the performance management of the academy headteachers with input from the LGBs.

Local Governing Bodies (LGB):

  • Foundation Governors (7)
  • Parent Governors (2)
  • Staff Governor (1)
  • Community Governor (1)
  • Headteacher (1)

The Core business of each LGB is:

  • Renewing and monitoring the School Improvement Plan
  • Monitoring and reviewing Standards (Progress, Attainment & Curriculum)
  • Financial Accountability: making sure the budget is on track and money is well spent
  • Reviewing and monitoring Human & Physical Resources
  • Reviewing and monitoring the Catholic Life of the School   

All our Governors must agree to comply with the ASCAT Governance Code of Conduct. Governor Declarations and meeting attendance for each school is available on our Key Documents webpage along with our statutory information.