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The All Saints Catholic Multi Academy Trust has a vision for Catholic education that goes beyond our individual schools and changes our perceptions to enable all member schools of the trust to benefit from our collective strengths.

One of the founding principles of our trust is subsidiarity; that all decisions are made at the most appropriate level, rather than being imposed from above. In practice, therefore the key to the work of the Trust is our Headteachers Group who meet on a regular basis, as a sub-group of the wider learning community. As well as sharing good practice, they offer mutual support and development, peer review and develop and oversee the implementation of Trust wide policies and practices.

The Trust is committed to be a living witness to Christ’s teachings which defines our character. Therefore, the Trust is both collaborative and participative; each school is of equal value; we respect the unique identity of each school and value the diversity of experience and perspective they bring: each school is given a voice, though the arrangements for local governance and their relationship with the Trust Board.

Our support for schools aims to be comprehensive, inclusive and responsive to the individual and collective needs of our schools that will ensure together we create the capacity within our schools to provide a world class Catholic education for children from 3 to 18.

The Trust takes responsibility for the financial and resource management of schools, thus freeing school leaders to concentrate on what matters: the spiritual formation and education of the young people in our schools. We are committed to safeguarding the distinctive Catholic ethos of our schools by placing Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church at the centre of all we do.


All Saints Catholic Academy Trust

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