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The ASCAT Team

Core Team

The All Saints Catholic Academy Trust has a small core  Team providing support, leadership and guidance to all schools within the Trust.

CEO (Catholic Executive Officer) and Chief Accounting Officer:  Stephen Wheatley

Chief Finance Officer:  Graham Young

Director of Resources: Carmel Festenstein

Director of Governance and Compliance: Christina Reffold

Director of People: Jo Stokes

Executive Team (ID 1224)

  • Stephen Wheatley
  • Graham Young
  • Christina Reffold
    Director of Governance & Compliance
  • Carmel Festenstein
    Director of Resources
  • Jo Stokes
    Director of People

Central Team 

Charlene Brown - HR & Payroll Assistant

Pamela Dalgas - Finance Manager

Tricia England - Payroll Lead

Jenny Kirby - HR & Payroll Assistant

Andrea Lynch - HR & Payroll Assistant

James Thain- Secondary Schools Strategic Finance Lead

Clare Shepherd - Finance Assistant

Anna Trnkova - Finance Assistant

Sarah White - Finance Manager 

Foundation Directors

Our foundation directors, appointed by the Diocese of Westminster, alongside our CEO and CFO constitute our Trust's Board of Directors. Possessing a wide range of skills, talents and professional experience across a wide range of public and private sector employers, they provide strategic leadership and oversight of the work of the Trust and work alongside the headteachers and local governing boards of each of our academy schools to ensure the very best education, care and outcomes for the children and young people entrusted to us. 

Directors (ID 1225)

  • Tony Leahy
    Chair of Trust Board
  • Chris Gomes
  • Laura Sharp
  • Tony Hickin
  • Mr Peter Muhley
  • Mrs Veronica Lopez-Smith, Peter Taylor
    Director, Director
  • Mr Leigh O'Connor