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How the Trust works

First and foremost, we are a Catholic Trust and our role is to provide and safeguard the future of a World Class Catholic education to all the young people within our Trust. The Directors (who form the Trust Board) are responsible for the strategic direction which drives this forward. They in turn are supported by the Head Teachers’ Forum group , which includes all our Executive Head Teachers, Head Teachers and Heads of School and our Chairs group, consisting of the Chairs of the individual school Local Governing Bodies. This ensures there is a constant flow of dialogue between Trust, Local Governing Bodies and the Headteachers' Forum group.  All these bodies are also supported by the Catholic Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Finance Officer (CFO) and Director of  Resources.

Each school has a Local Governing Body (LGB) with Governors appointed by the Diocese or elected by parents and staff. The LGB oversee the quality of education and deployment of resources with their school to ensure they both support and deliver the world class Catholic education we aspire to provide within all our Trust Schools.

Everyone who works in one of our Academies is an employee of the All Saints Catholic Academy Trust, which responsible for developing and ensuring the implementation of policies across all our schools to support this.