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ASCAT Autumn Term Newsletter

As we reach the end of this Autumn Term the Trust would like to thank our school communities for the time, effort, enthusiasm, skill and dedication that has been contributed over the past four months.

It has certainly been a very busy period for all schools, even more so for those who have welcomed inspection teams from Ofsted or the Catholic Schools Inspectorate (CSI) into  schools at some point during the term!

As Christmas approaches you only have to flick through the news or pick up a paper to see how dark life will seem for many around the world this year. Against this backdrop, there is much solace and hope to be found in our schools this Advent.  

At ASCAT we would like to wish all our communities a Christmas filled with joy and happiness and that, through your own Christmas celebrations, we will all be reminded of the message of love, joy, peace and hope that remains the cornerstone of all that we do in our schools, whether it is Christmas or not!

ascat autumnwinter newsletter 2023.pdf