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Working for ASCAT

 Working for All Saints Catholic Academy Trust (ASCAT)

ASCAT was established as a Catholic Academy Trust within the Diocese of Westminster in 2012 to provide outstanding Catholic Education for all who attend one of our schools. 

Following the development of the Diocesan Academy Program in 2017, and partnership work with schools within the local Deanery, ASCAT has evolved and since May 2019 now supports four local schools. ASCAT continues to work with the Diocese to provide opportunities for other schools in the geographic vicinity to experience working with our Trust and develop links that will see more schools join the Trust, when it is appropriate, in the future.

Attractive and easily accessible locations in South West Hertfordshire

St Joan of Arc Catholic Secondary School: situated on a greenbelt site in Rickmansworth. A 10 minute drive from the M25 and a 5 minute walk from Rickmansworth station. The school site is close to the town centre where there are numerous shops and services.

St John’s Catholic Primary School: also situated Rickmansworth and is served by the same access routes and local services as mentioned above.

Holy Rood Catholic Primary School: situated in North Watford with good access to M25 and connecting road network and transport links from Watford.

Divine Saviour Catholic Primary School: situated in Abbots Langley, access from M25 and local transport links.

A strong ethos with clear vision and values

The ethos of ASCAT is to ensure that all schools in the Trust benefit from their collective strengths and the Trust is committed to be a living witness to Christ’s teachings which define the Trust’s character. The Trust is both collaborative and participative as each school is of equal value, the unique identity of each school is respected and the diversity of experience and perspective is valued. The aim of the Trust is to provide a world class Catholic education for children from age 4 to 18 and all staff, as members of the community, are committed to serving each other, the pupils and the wider community.

Committed and friendly staff

The Trust’s dedicated staff work hard, share a positive outlook and enjoy working and engaging with the pupils whatever their role is within the Trust. Everyone has a role to play if we are to ensure we provide the world class education our children deserve, therefore everyone’s contribution is of equal merit and we must all carry out our responsibilities to the best of our abilities in the best interest of the children and families we serve.

New members of staff are made welcome through a planned induction program and they settle in quickly as a result. Across the Trust, there is a low turnover of staff each year however we are always proud to see some move on to advance their careers if we cannot offer a suitably challenging position with out Trust. The Trust provides in-house training for staff and combines this with access to external training courses as appropriate. Staff at each school organise regular social events and staff are also encouraged to support events run by the PFAs.

Talented, committed and friendly pupils

Our pupils come from a diverse range of backgrounds and from wide catchment areas. Pupils of all abilities make at least good progress from their various starting points and a large proportion of pupils in all our Trust schools progress at a rate that is significantly above national standards at all age levels.

Standards in our schools are consistently significantly above the national average because pupils within our Trust schools develop outstanding attitudes towards their learning and are keen to make the most of the opportunities that their school gives them. Our Trust schools aim to develop each pupil to reach their potential and to develop into caring, active and well-rounded citizens and we place a high importance on the care and respect we show for each other and those beyond our schools.

Our commitment to the staff

The Trust has overall responsibility for all the staff employed within our schools and supports each Local Governing Body, Headteacher and Leadership Team to ensure they recruit high quality staff to their individual schools. The Trust must always be directly involved with the recruitment of a ‘protected’ position (such as the Headteacher of a Catholic School) and Senior Trust Leaders will also recruit staff for positions that are centralised across the Trust.

We are committed to supporting the professional development of all staff. This will ensure that both the Trust and the schools within the Trust remain stimulating and pleasant environments in which to work and allow staff to develop their individual skills and talents which will in turn have a positive impact on our Trust community and beyond.

Trust Vacancies

Details of Vacancies and opportunity to work for our Trust or within one of our Trust Schools will appear here: